• The Start

    Created by Founder,(Kenya Crawford) who like most of us, desires to make healthier choices each day. Kenya’s vision was to create natural products and alternatives for your daily essential routines, for hygiene, grooming, self care & beyond!

  • The Choice

    After many tests, studies and formula attempts, a line of essential products was developed! These products are organically made and simply healthier for the human body.

    O'Kayed Essentials Products is the “flagship” creation under the Kustom Made415 brand.

  • The Future

    Available Now!!

    The first set of products from the O'Kayed Essentials Line!

    Introducing, Our organic deodorant!!! Made for every skin type, gender, body type and pH balance level!! Sure to give you a healthier, essential, hygienic boost!

    Stayed tuned for more O'Kayed Essentials products created by Kustom Made415.

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Kustom Made415

Where Artistry Organically Meets Essential Thinking, Fashion and Service.

  • L. Parker

    Was looking for a healthy alternative for deodorant use, instead of an antiperspirant. And I’ve found it!! Thank You O'Kayed Essentials.

  • G. Nadian

    Purchased 5 of the Lemon Créme organic deodorants for my entire household. It works for my teenage girls, 12 year old son and my Husband as well. Feels great to add this item to the family personal items list.

  • M. Peterson

    My skin sensitivity has become more extreme over the years. So glad to finally find a deodorant that actually works and is suitable for my body. All I can say is Wow!